About us

Educate in Australia (EIA)

Educate in Australia (EIA) is a family owned professional education consulting and student recruitment agency providing services to international students about the studies offered in Australia and other parts of the world.

We have qualified and certified consultants with vast experiences in Australian and other western education systems. We can offer you the latest and most relevant information. We were the international students too. We have been there and done that, and willing to share what we have learnt and assist you in achieving your academic potential. Since we are family owned, we will treat you as one of our family members and walk that extra-mile to help realise your dream of studying and enjoying in Australia or even beyond. We will be your home away from home, and ensure you are supported at every stage of your time here in Australia.


We strive to achieve excellence in providing education services to international students and help them enjoy their studies in Australia.


Our mission is to liaise with and support aspiring international students and help them connect with best value training and quality education providers in Australia and elsewhere. With our family centred approach, sound guidance and counselling, our students would be able to make informed decision to fulfil their education goals and objective and have a clearer career path for the future.